1. 1.Elegant headquarters city 30 kilometers range adopted a policy of free shipping (need to order more than 60 volumes, scope for the city directly under the jurisdiction of the administrative region does not include the county and the affiliated city). Distribution installation, in addition to the above situation, in accordance with the "elegant distribution fees" charged delivery cost of installation.
    2.Customers will be 48 hours in advance and elegant company, confirm the delivery. Expected delivery date and the actual delivery date before any transformation of elegant company will promptly notify the customer. 24 to 48 hours before date of delivery, customers can request to change location for the delivery date and delivery area. Installation appointment is divided into morning, afternoon two delivery time, morning time (8:00 am to 12:00 a.m.), time (14:00 PM to 17:30pm point) in the afternoon.
    3.Large amount of products, the two sides agreed to adjust delivery date according to the actual situation of goods.
    4.Purchase does not provide 30 km within 60 volumes within the scope of delivery service free of charge.
    5.Delivery to the customer stores for outbound order.
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